Prospect Sierra provides a unique educational experience for each of our students. As with all privately funded schools, we generate revenue from tuition and fees, annual fund giving, foundation grants, and other individual or corporate donations. This revenue allows us to keep our teacher to student ratios at 9:1 — significantly below most California schools. Because of all these revenue sources, each one playing an essential role, we are able to teach, mentor, and provide an exceptional educational experience for each of our students.

Tuition and Fees for 2016-17

  • Elementary School (K–4): $24,950
  • Middle School (5–8): $28,250
  • Family support programs available for a wide range of need (see below)
  • Tuition and Fees for 2017-18 available in February 2017.

Tuition includes field trip costs, graduation expenses, books, technology devices, yearbook, and most school supplies.

Additional Expenses:

  • Site assessment fee (per family)
  • Transportation costs and AfterSchool fees
  • Parent Association dues
  • Contributions to the Annual Fund campaign

Please note: Some of these expenses are reduced for families receiving tuition assistance

Family Support

At Prospect Sierra we understand that families may find it challenging to afford an independent school tuition. We believe that the value of a Prospect Sierra education far outweighs the financial commitment, and we also know that some families will need tuition assistance. Prospect Sierra’s tuition assistance program benefits the entire school community, not just those receiving tuition assistance. The range of students and families who bring diverse experiences, backgrounds, and points of view to the school each and every day make the school an extraordinary learning community. In 2016-17, our tuition assistance budget of $1,800,000 has been dedicated to 33% of our students.

The school offers two programs to provide support based on demonstrated family need:

  • Tuition Assistance is comprised of grants of varying amounts based on family need as assessed by an extensive review of finances.
  • Tuition Support Program (TSP) requires less paperwork and awards families up to $2000 per child for up to two children enrolled at Prospect Sierra School.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the Tuition Assistance page.

Annual Fund

Prospect Sierra families are asked to make donations to the Annual Fund each year to supplement our operating budget. Gifts help fund areas such as technology initiatives, library acquisitions, tuition assistance, and professional development.

We ask all families to support this fundraising effort at a personally significant level; every gift is appreciated and meaningful. As Prospect Sierra is a 501c3, unrestricted gifts are tax-deductible, and some employers may match their employees’ gifts. For more information about the Annual Fund and its use in the school budget, contact the Office of Advancement.