Heart • Mind • Community

Each of these elements is a core value for our teachers, administrators, students, and families, which we bring to life everyday.


  • Our teachers have incredible passion for what they do, inspiring students to understand and nurture their own passions.
  • Our students learn resilience: We encourage students to take risks, to persevere, and to understand that failures are opportunities to learn and grow.
  • We know our students—what is interesting to them, what is happening in their lives, and the best ways to help each child learn.
  • We cultivate compassion in our students: Through engaging with those around us here at school and in the broader community, our students learn trust, empathy, and kindness.


  • We provide a vibrant academic environment that inspires students to be active participants in their learning process.
  • Our students are independent thinkers and creative problem solvers.
  • We empower our students to discover their voices and to use them to engage in positive ways with their teachers, peers, the school, and the global community.


  • We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion, with the understanding that differences make us stronger as a community.
  • We value authenticity, with the understanding that actions are grounded in beliefs, good faith, and sincere intentions.
  • We have a deep commitment to service, with the understanding that it is our responsibility as global citizens to do our part to seek understanding of global issues and work toward responsible solutions.

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