Mission & Philosophy

First Grade Portrayal of Community

A First Grader Envisions Community


Prospect Sierra students are passionate about learning. Our exceptional teachers inspire students to seek deep, meaningful understanding; to develop strong academic skills; and to become creative and independent thinkers. Prospect Sierra cultivates compassion, fairness, respect, and individuality within a community that celebrates diversity, authenticity, and service.



Prospect Sierra embodies several key assumptions in philosophy and daily practice: that learning is the young person’s pathway to personal growth; that school should be both challenging and joyous; that school is a community through which students, teachers, and parents develop trust, demonstrate cooperation, show respect, and acquire an understanding of the rights and needs of others; and that diversity, in its many human forms, brings quality and strength to our welcoming and inclusive school.

A rapidly changing global environment requires that students develop skills and acquire knowledge, while learning to define and solve problems creatively. The school’s curriculum has been crafted, and is regularly reviewed, to ensure that learning activities challenge, inspire, and encourage thoughtful appreciation for diversity of thought and varied learning styles. Enhancing the skills of reason, memory, and imagination encourages students to think reflectively and self-critically. Individual achievement and excellence are essential aspects of the school’s ethos, and opportunities abound for the recognition of our collective achievements and the celebration of outstanding student work.

At Prospect Sierra, learning occurs in an atmosphere of positive expectations and mutual effort between students and teachers. We encourage young people to trust their intellectual and moral powers as they develop confidence, resourcefulness, and a keen interest in the world. Our teachers seek to nurture and bring out the inner strengths and talents of their students. We intend our students to maintain a love of learning for its own personal and intrinsic rewards, while finding a level of comfort in competing and succeeding.