What will you find at Prospect Sierra?

Prospect Sierra cultivates an atmosphere of inquiry … a climate of trust and affection … a pervasive energy. Walk down the halls and you will sense the vitality, optimism, and joy of learning that define our school.

Prospect Sierra is active and student-centered, focused on the creative, intellectual, and social growth of each student. Our rich, varied curriculum is taught by skilled teachers who are deeply committed to children.

In this section you will find information about our integrated curriculum, the heart of a Prospect Sierra education. Come inside—see how we spend our time in class and after school.

Program Overview

The educational program at Prospect Sierra strongly emphasizes an integrated curriculum based on a framework of established themes. Mathematics, literature, writing, art, music, science, world languages, social studies, service learning, physical education, and computer technology are incorporated into a positive experience for each student. The faculty, librarians, and staff work closely together to connect the subject matter in meaningful ways.

The project-based curriculum is designed to promote understanding and thoughtfulness. Students are asked to think deeply and reflectively about facts, ideas, and experiences in an increasingly diverse society. They are encouraged to make connections between their learning at school and their growing awareness of the outside world.