Education at the Elementary School: Grades K-4


Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade work together in teams to discover, explore, and learn topics in the humanities, math, and science. Our goal is to foster a love of learning, literature, numbers, and facts. Teachers work together across curricula to encourage curiosity and explore topics from many angles.


Elementary school students explore visual arts, dramatic arts, music, and performance. Students learn to use their artistic vision, voices, and bodies with honest expression to tell stories and to 
convey emotions and ideas. Weekly visits to specialists' classrooms encourage regular connection with artistic expression.

Physical Education

The K–8 physical education program at Prospect Sierra is built around the premise that all students benefit from experiences that develop their physical and emotional health. Our guiding philosophy is “Fitness for Life,” and as such, our program is designed to provide students with a strong knowledge base and foster an appreciation of movement and exercise.


The elementary school library provides a rich environment for fostering a love of books and reading. Weekly classes include book talks, read-aloud stories, learning activities, and introductions to authors and various genres. Students learn how to navigate the library’s electronic catalog, access online resources, and find books that suit both their interests and research needs.

Academic Technology

The librarian and academic technology teachers work together with the teachers to develop curriculum and provide supporting materials that help students become successful learners and develop critical thinking skills.


Throughout our K-4 curriculum, our students become ecoliterate, learning to understand the concept of sustainability in increasingly complex ways as they engage with their school environment, neighborhood, and the larger community.

Service Learning

The service learning program forms an important component of the school’s mission to develop “Heart, Mind, Community.” As Prospect Sierra students become more curious about and aware of the world around them, they discover what it takes to be engaged leaders for positive social and environmental change.

Social & Emotional Learning

To compliment our strong academic and arts curriculum, students learn to develop their understanding of themselves and others through the four units of our social and emotional heath curriculum: Caring for Ourselves, Courtesy, Inclusiveness, and Integrity.

Study Trips

By stepping outside of the classroom, students are able to experience their learning in a new way and make connections to the curriculum, their history, and the area around them.

Student Life

All students meet on the steps at 8:30 on Monday mornings to start the week together. During their week, they enjoy opportunities to meet with buddies from other grades, to explore their own leadership abilities, to participate in clubs and activities, and to unite the grades together in "family" units.

Student Services

Our team of learning specialist serves all students on the elementary school campus. Their goal is to support students, faculty, and parents in order that students derive the maximum benefit from their Prospect Sierra experience. The learning specialists collaborate with the entire Prospect Sierra community to facilitate student growth.


The elementary AfterSchool Program offers a safe and healthy environment in which children can relax, play, learn new skills, and build meaningful social relationships. The program offers a diverse menu of daily activities including sports, cooperative games, arts and crafts, creative movement, musical theater, storytelling, and more!