Middle School

//Middle School

Education at the Middle School: Grades 5-8


At Prospect Sierra, we integrate mathematics, literature, writing, art, drama, music, science, world languages, social studies, service learning, physical education, and computer technology into a positive experience for each student. Our project-based curriculum is designed to promote understanding and thoughtfulness as students are asked to think deeply about facts, ideas, connections, and experiences.

Academic Technology

In the middle school, the Academic Technology director works closely with library staff and teachers to introduce and support appropriate technology use across the curriculum. We work to empower students to make wise choices about technology as they delve into their curriculum, develop as learners and leaders, and create new ideas and plans.


Middle school students participate in visual arts, dramatic arts, music, and performance. Prospect Sierra’s art program encourages creative problem-solving and reinforces the importance of community. There are also middle school electives in vocal music and an after school Beginning Instruments Program.


Interscholastic competition is offered for all students in grades 6-8. These programs are an extension of the Physical Education curriculum offered in grades K-8. The goal of our interscholastic athletics program is to encourage participation while providing appropriate social, conceptual and skill development for each student.


At our middle school, students build on ecoliteracy lessons learned in elementary school, deepening their understanding of the complexity of environments and food production, and extending their commitment to service in the community.


The middle school’s 3,850-square-foot library facilities include a library classroom with computers, a quiet reading room, and a large central library space. The library’s mission is to enrich the school’s educational programs, to provide for the interests and needs of students, and to develop and nurture a love of reading.