Elementary School Campus Elementary Campus, 2060 Tapscott Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Main line: 510.236.5800 | Voice Mail: 510.232.4123 | Fax: 510.232.7615

Map and Directions 

The elementary school campus adjoins El Cerrito’s Canyon Trail Park. The campus includes classrooms and abundant play space for kindergarten through fourth grades, with a dedicated play yard for the kindergartners. There are rooms for specialist programs in art, science, music, and technology, a spacious library with reading room, a light-filled multipurpose room for assemblies and physical education, a grassy playing field for use during the day (by arrangement with the city of El Cerrito), space for our extensive AfterSchool program, a student garden, and common areas including a courtyard, playground, basketball courts, and play structure. The campus is fully networked.

Middle School Campus, 960 Avis Drive, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Main line: 510.528.5800 | Voice Mail: 510.527.4714 | Fax: 510.527.3728

Map and Directions

The middle school campus looks out over San Francisco Bay and has subject area classrooms for the fifth through eighth grades, with homerooms for the fifth grade. Students also have access to an expansive library building with classrooms; a multipurpose room for assemblies, physical education, and sports events; science and technology labs; a theater for drama performances; and common areas, which include courtyards, playgrounds, basketball courts, and a student garden. The Founders Center for the Arts building features visual arts, drama, and music and movement classrooms. The campus is fully networked.

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